Become A Distributor

Become a Distributor
If you would like to become a distributor, you will need to purchase a distributor kit, which serves as a lifetime membership.Distributor
You are not required to purchase product in order to become a distributor and receive commissions, but you will need to, in order to qualify for bonuses.
No extra fees are required to maintain membership.

  • Receive commission from your direct sales.
  • Receive multiple bonuses and benefits beyond commission.
  • Work at your own pace – without pressure of any kind.
  • You never go backwards, only forwards!
  • Get set up with a website to share with your clients.

Introducing people to the Biomat and our other products is easy - most of it is simply demo-ing the products. Most people instantly experience a positive change in their wellbeing after as little as 20 minutes on the Biomat. As a distributor, you can help people to develop their own connection to the products and let the product sell itself. If you have a practice or business where people can regularly experience the Biomat, becoming a distributor will be a way for you to help expose the wonderful benefits of these products and be financially rewarded with an additional stream of income at the same time.

The best way to let others experience the products is by creating a safe, healing environment and playing relaxing music during their Biomat session. The Biomat is a very powerful detoxifier, so it is best to do the first demo for 30 minutes maximum and on level 3 (1st gold setting). Be sure to provide water, as it is very important to stay hydrated on the Biomat, much like after a massage. In addition, if you have colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family who you also believe would benefit from the use of the Biomat and/or other products, there is an excellent pay structure available that supports teamwork and collaboration.

How it works

1. FIRST, Register as an Independent Sales Associate: $80 WHICH GIVES YOU LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

By registering as an Independent Sales Associate (one off payment) you will automatically be sent a distributor starter kit. In 7-10 business days you will receive a kit in the mail with sales materials, order forms, DVDs, books and more. Once you are in the system as a distributor, you need only to activate it yearly, but no other fees are required. You do not need to own a product to obtain a distributor kit. Once you receive your distributor kit, one of our representatives will give you a call and walk you through everything step by step. At Springvale Health, we are committed to supporting you in your distributorship.

While it is not required to have purchased product to become a distributor, you will need to purchase product in order to qualify for binary bonus checks. For every $500 spent in your name, you will receive one business center which will generate bonus checks for a lifetime with no limits.
While it is not required to purchase product to start selling these products, having products will make it much easier to sell them. With products you can demo and introduce them to your personal and professional network. When people try the products first hand, they are impressed and more likely to buy.
The best way to get set up for future earnings is to have three business centers, which you can acquire by spending $1500 in your name. Most people start off with a Biomat Professional and Pillow or a Biomat and Alkal-Life. Decide on what the focus of your sales will be and make that your first purchase.
Consider this setting up your "storefront". A personal purchase of $1500 will become the balanced foundation that your binary network is built upon.
You must own at least three business centers ($1500 spent in your name) to qualify to receive binary bonus checks.

How you earn

Every time you sell a product, you automatically earn a direct commission for that sale. The company sends the deposits directly to your Paylution account which you will establish as part of your business. There are unlimited monthly earnings with no quotas. No tricks. No time limits. No earning limits.

You can also make residual income through the binary bonus payment system. As a distributor, you accrue what are called "bonus points" for each and every sale that you AND your entire down-line makes. The computer keeps track of these bonus points for you and stores them for you until they're paid out. There's no time limit expiration, no cutoffs, and no breakaways. The points accrue in your business center until that center balances and pays. So you earn both by direct commissions for sales you make, and by collecting bonus points.

Extra Bonuses

In addition to receiving a commission, you will receive 10% of the order value in gift certificates which can be accumulated and redeemed for any of the Richway products.

Once you reach a sales volume of $16,500 you will be eligible for the Diamond Club. There are numerous perks to the Diamond Club, among them that your product certificates will be 20% of your future orders, your commission will be 20%, and that you begin to qualify for the auto allowance program.

To qualify for auto allowance you must first become a Diamond Executive.
With the auto allowance, you will receive an additional 10% of your monthly binary bonus cheques towards your car loan each month, up to a thousand dollars. The term of the allowance is up to 5 years.

**Note:  All figures quoted in this panel are in $US including kit price, bonuses, commissions and amounts required to earn business centres. If interested we can walk you through the process and convert to the current exchange rate for $AUS.

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