Springvale Health Biomat Rental Conditions

Springvale Health Biomat Rental Conditions

Springvale Health has several Professional Biomats available, so you can try before you buy. Or, if you just need one to treat a temporary pain condition, or other Rental conditionsailment that will benefit from the use of a Biomat, renting is probably the best option for you.

We know from experience that treatment of long term ailments can be expensive and sometimes unaffordable, so we have priced the Biomat rental with this in mind. Although many practitioners will charge $60 per hour for use of their Biomats or other Far Infrared technologies, we find it is much more beneficial to use the Biomat regularly in the comfort of your home.

We suggest using the Biomat for a minimum of one week to get the full benefit of continued use, however, just a few sessions is all it takes to notice changes to your general well-being, particularly if you have a condition causing pain.

Our Rates

$50 per day for the first 6 days
$50 per day for part week
$300 per 7 day week
$1100 per 30 day month.

Rental is conditional upon agreement to contract conditions

Email us at contact to find your nearest pickup centre, for further information or for a copy of the contract.


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