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Biomat vs FIR Sauna

Far infrared ray (FIR) saunas are consistently popular among consumers looking for a way to reduce pain, ease or treat many chronic illnesses, detoxify and Biomat vs Infrared Saunarevitalize. Owners of these saunas cite a range of health benefits from regular use, including increased muscle and joint flexibility, weight loss, improved circulation and more. But how do FIR saunas compare to the Biomat? After all, they are both based on far infrared ray technology, and are both FDA regulated and safe for use in the home.

However, when both health products are evaluated carefully in terms of cost, overall health benefits, and convenience, the Biomat emerges as the clear winner across the board. Let's take a closer look at some of the key advantages.

Dollar for dollar, the Biomat is a better value
FIR saunas are great products, but they come with a hefty price tag. Depending on the type of sauna you choose, you will need to spend between $2,200 to $3,500 for a base model—or even more! —when you purchase a high-quality model. Many companies charge shipping on top of this and then you need to assemble it. Compare those prices with those of the Biomat products, which start at around $820 (incl delivery).The Biomat also uses significantly less power, saving you money on your electric bill.

Of course, cost shouldn't be the only decided factor. You can't put a price on good health, and if the costlier health product is also the more effective, those are going to be dollars well spent. That's why measuring the relative health benefits of the FIR sauna and the
Biomat will yield the most important comparison point.

The Biomat delivers superior health benefits
When the health benefits of the Biomat and FIR sauna are compared, the sauna just can't compete. In fact, comparing the FIR sauna with the Biomat is a bit like comparing apples and... fruit salad.

That's because the sauna focuses on a single, beneficial technology—far infrared rays—while the Biomat delivers three complementary healing technologies simultaneously: far infrared rays, negative ions and a pure amethyst crystal filter that concentrates the effects. While FIR technology is very powerful on its own, the incorporation of negative ion therapy takes the treatment experience to a different level. Although negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible, these tiny molecules are proven to increase our production of serotonin, a mood chemical that alleviates depression, relieves stress and gives us more daytime energy.
As a result, your Biomat not only releases deep-penetrating, healing heat energy to your body, it also releases the harmful build-up of stress that is the root cause of many emotional and physical disorders. It's also the reason behind the Biomat's ability to induce a pleasant sense of euphoria and peace during treatment. The Biomat is more effective at delivering far infrared rays to the body. A typical far infrared sauna penetrates 5 centimetres into the body. A Biomat penetrates 14 - 18 centimetres through the entire body without heating your head, this is just not possible with an FIR sauna.

The Biomat is also made of healthier materials that are far less likely to compromise the health of the user. When you use a Biomat, you lie on pure silicone urethane, beneath which a total of 16 additional unique, protective layers are present, including tumbled amethyst, silk and cotton. FIR sauna components, by comparison, can create off-gassing at first, as well as an adverse reaction in more chemically sensitive individuals. Nearly all FIR saunas on the market emit harmful EMFElectromagnetic Fields (EMF). One of the many functions of the Biomat is to protect the user from harmful EMF's. When laying on the Biomat, you are 100% protected from the harmful EMF's: whether they come though the electrical wiring of the house, outside power lines, TV's, cell phones, or even the wires coming up to the BioMat. The Biomat blocks 100% of Harmful EMF's while you lay on it. This alone is rare to find in any product, no FIR saunas can make this claim.
For convenience and versatility, the BioMat wins again.

Whether it's a FIR sauna or a BioMat, the product is only beneficial if you use it—and the more consistently you use it, the more effective the treatment will be. With greater ease-of-use, portability and versatility, you are simply more likely to use the BioMat than the sauna on a regular basis. The Biomat can be rolled up and carried with you wherever you go, whether it's another, more comfortable room in your home or a round-the-world trip. At a compact 3.8 kilograms, the Biomat Mini can come with you wherever you go, even the Professional Biomat is only 13kg. Most importantly, it's easier to incorporate the treatment into your day, and in the way you prefer. You can enjoy your treatment while relaxing on your favorite recliner in front of the TV, or place it on your mattress, where you can enjoy the Biomat's restorative benefits throughout your well-rested night.

By contrast, even the lightest FIR sauna models weigh in at a rigid, non-portable 30 kilograms. Depending on the model you choose, you will either need to place it—and use it—on the ground, or you'll have to sit upright to be treated. Neither of these options is very convenient for people with mobility problems, or those who prefer to enjoy recreational activities such as reading or watching TV while undergoing treatment. It also precludes the use of the device while sleeping, unless you want to spend the night on the floor!

Biomat: convenience, superior results for a fraction of the cost
When evaluated feature-for-feature, the BioMat emerges as the superior option compared to the FIR sauna. Yet with all its extended functionality and more comprehensive health results, it's still the less costly alternative! If you are considering the purchase of a medical device that delivers FIR therapy, make sure you are choosing the device that fits best with your health aims, your lifestyle and your budget. Before committing to the purchase of a FIR sauna, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the more powerful, versatile Biomat.

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