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Amethyst Crystal Biomats

with Infrared Sauna Feature

The power of quantum energetic technology

Remarkable health benefits

through advanced technology

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What our clients say

My daughter has been using the Biomat on a regular basis since last Wednesday and has been having 2 'sweat' sessions a day for last couple of days, on 70 setting. Her pain and stiffness have reduced dramatically. She was having Panadol 4-6 hourly up til Wednesday and now only once in 24 hrs!!!
The Biomat certainly changed things....and since Friday I have used it regularly on 55 setting after twisting my back...and I'm a convert.
Will keep in touch.......and our cats love it!!!!

     JB Terranora NSW


I have been using the Biomat for the past two months after some heavy chemo sessions, my energy levels are the best they have been in years, my blood pressure (normally low) is now in the normal range for the first time I can remember, I am sleeping better and the soles of my feet have become so soft and smooth with no dead skin (an interesting side effect). I am so pleased with my Professional Biomat I have been getting all my friends to try it.

RG Nashua NSW

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